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Social Media Use and Adolescent Mental Well-Being

by Prosit Team

Meet our 2021 Summer Student, Hailey!

She is an undergraduate psychology student at Dalhousie University. She recently received a Summer Studentship grant from the Dalhousie University Department of Psychiatry. Her research project will focus on the impact of social media on the mental well-being of adolescents. In November 2021, she will present her findings on Psychiatry Research Day.

Excessive Gaming and Youth Mental Health

by Prosit Team

Meet Jess, our 2021 Summer Student!

She is an undergraduate neuroscience volunteer at Dalhousie and a PROSIT research volunteer. Recently, she received an IWK Summer Studentship grant for a research project focused on the impacts of excessive gaming on youth mental health. She was also awarded funding for travel to present the results of this research at a future conference.

Important Information

by Prosit Team

This link has many resources if you are 18 or younger, but also provides links that apply to all age groups (e.g., the MindShift App):

This link has resources if you are 19 or older:

This link has resources if you are 19 years or younger:

For resources pertaining to general mental health, please visit:

For resources pertaining to mental health in relation to COVID-19, please visit:

If you are experiencing a mental health or addictions crisis, please call 902-429-8167 or 1-888-429-8167 (toll-free).

by Prosit Team

Congratulations to our previous Masters' student, Banu Suruliraj on the publication of her Master's thesis! You can read about her findings in the journal of JMIR Formative Research or by clicking the image above.

by Prosit Team

The PROSIT team has created a TikTok account. Check it out for more information on our research and how you can get more involved.

by Prosit Team

As PROSIT's one year anniversary approaches, we would like to thank the 2500 participants who have taken part in all of our studies this past year. Without your dedication, our research would not be possible, and you have contributed to further understandings of mental health during and after COVID-19.

A huge thank you to our collaboration partners and institutions working with us, students, research assistants, volunteers, those who maintained the server, app maintenance crew, and advertising team. We look forward to working with everyone in future studies and continuing to improve our app design.

by Prosit Team

This project aims to address the struggles and coping mechanisms of those with hearing loss amidst our current global state. We will seek those with any degree of hearing loss and ask that they complete a survey pertaining to their health during the COVID-19 pandemic and how social isolation variables may have altered their everyday lifestyle. Questions will be asked through various validated questionnaires and will address psychological well-being and functioning, as well as levels of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. While certain questions will be asked in a format indicating strong-disagreement or strong-agreement, other questions will be open-ended, allowing for written expression of concerns and opinions. A follow-up survey will be administered post-pandemic to see how participants' quality-of-life has improved (or if we should develop an online platform for these participants to connect, to ask if they implemented some of the ideas shared by others who face the same struggles). By sharing the information obtained from this study, we hope to encourage those who struggle with hearing loss by reassuring that they are not alone and to help them find their way to happiness and healthy living.

If you are 18+ with any level of hearing loss and would like to participate, please click the image above.

by Prosit Team

As a result of the pandemic, university athletes are likely experiencing significant changes and challenges in their training and competition schedules. The current study wants to better understand if athletes are still able to receive adequate social support through remote forms of communication with coaches and teammates. During this unprecedented time in modern history, it is extremely important to further understand the mental health and social needs of university athletes--and support them to achieve scholarly and athletic success in the future. Therefore, the study proposes a series of questionnaires distributed to university athletes to assess depression, anxiety, distress, difficulties, motivation, and social support during the COVID-19 pandemic. By gaining a better understanding of athletes, the university and coaches can develop a plan of action to provide assistance, intervention, and improve student-athletes' mental well-being. 

If you are 18+, completed a varsity sport in the 2019/2020 season and would like to participate, please click the image above.

by Prosit Team

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many aspects of daily life including social interactions, physical activity and sleep patterns. The intent of this study is to explore sleeping patterns and determine whether certain behaviours can predict psychological distress. We further seek to understand if these factors correlate with the distinct dreams some individuals experience. This study will collect sleep records through built-in smartphone sensors and online questionnaires to correlate both objective and subjective data. Sleep is a crucial aspect of health and with our findings, we hope to help individuals improve their sleeping habits and overall mental and physical health during the pandemic.  

If you are 15+ and would like to participate, please click the image above.

by Prosit Team

The PROSIT Lab reached two huge milestone this week!
✨ 500 participants in our COVID-19 research study
✨ 500 PROSIT app downloads
Thank you to all of the participants and lab members!

by Prosit Team

Our Prosit COVID-19 study is in the news again. Following our media coverage in the region we have been in the news in countries like Australia, Austria, Brazil, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Spain, and others. We spare you with links to all these articles but want to give you an example of the coverage: please click on the headline or the image to get to the article (the website will open in a new tab).

by Prosit Team

We have been highlighted in a recent CBC article that describes our Prosit COVID-19 study. Please click on the headline or image above to see the article (the website will open in a new tab).

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